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What is "Grounding"?

The idea that walking barefoot and touching trees can impact our health may sound a bit flaky to some, but it turns out there is quite a bit of science now backing this up! When we are cooped up in our concrete man made electrical jungle we have an excess of positive ions. The ground outdoors allows us to neutralize this excess of positive ions with exposure to negative ions. Starting to sound more scientific? How do you feel when you are on the beach with your feet in the sand? Feel more relaxed? I know I've been to the beach when I was sick and felt a lot better once I was standing in the sand and breathing in the air. Hard to say if it was just the grounding that helped, but it sure could have been a part of it.

​People are calling this connection to the energy of the earth "grounding" or "earthing". Research now shows that grounding can help with sleep, inflammation/pain, stress, recovery, blood sugar control, and many other healthy benefits.

If you go back 150 years we were spending a lot more time connected to the natural electromagnetic frequencies (EFMs) that occur in nature. Shoes with leather bottoms were conductors and allowed us to still connect to the energy of the earth through our shoes. Unfortunately, rubber and plastic soles on the bottom of our shoes today are blocking the energy from the earth. ​

It is not realistic for most people to spend their days outside in nature barefoot. Fortunately, grounding mats, which plug into a "grounded" outlet, can give us a lot of the same benefits. The research on grounding has been done with these mats.

I suggest the Ultimate Longevity mat because other mats are made with silver thread which wear down quickly. This product is built to last. They also make other grounding products.

Some people warn that you have to be extra careful if you have a grounding mat around a lot of "dirty electricity", but the research seems to show that as long as it is plugged into a grounded outlet, the mat actually protects you from "dirty electricity" versus people thinking that the mat enhances EMF exposure.

You still should spend time in Nature too! We all need a little prescription strength Nature. There are three fake commercials on YouTube for "Nature Rx". They are hysterical! Check them out for a smile and some inspiration to get outdoors.

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