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5 Meal Prep Hacks to Simplify Healthy Eating

I am very excited to officially announce the 3rd edition of my book, The Meat & Potatoes of a Healthy Meal Plan…no bun intended! This update has been long in the making.

Diets typically require a lot of time to prepare, or don’t offer enough variety to be satisfied long term. My philosophy centers around tools for creating a healthy lifestyle. To make this happen foods need to be tasty and easy.

The focus of this book is to give the tools needed to ease your transition to a healthy lifestyle. In order to accomplish this, you will find lots of easy, tasty ideas, and product suggestions.

You can also get a sneak peak by checking out my new article posted by Natural Force:

In this article you’ll learn how to:

  • #1 Maximize Meal Prep Efficiency

  • #2 Keep Breakfast Simple

  • #3 Fall in Love with Leftovers

  • #4 Make One Dish Multiple Ways

  • #5 Choose Healthy Convenience Foods

  • How to Make Healthy Eating Automatic

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