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Meal Plans

Easy for Picky Eaters or those with Food Sensitivities, Paleo, Vegan, or those on Elimination Diets (e.g., AIP, low-FODMAP)
I am super excited to partner with Real Plans.  I have done my share of meal plans for patients.  Before Real Plans, getting a custom meal plan was crazy expensive.  In the past I have charged between $250 and $700 for a plan with only 1 week of meals. I had to charge these prices.  They took forever to create! I still give custom recommendations for all my clients.  I still create customized meal plans when clients request them.  I even have a healthy whole food 4-week sample menu with recipes and weekly grocery lists in my book. However, I am happy to share a cost effective alternative for those that need something more customized....
I have done the research and this is by far the BEST PROGRAM and the BEST PRICE!  This is the perfect solution for those that want to loose weight, cut down on processed and fast food, or just love the convenience and structure of having recipes and grocery lists automatically set up for you.  Real Plans are the least expensive way for those that are picky eaters, have food sensitivities, or are doing an elimination diet, to get custom meal plans.  My job is not only to help people figure out what they should be eating, but to give them the tools that they need to be successful.  Check out my list below for highlights on why this is my new favorite tool!

Top 7 Reasons I Love Real Plans ...and you will too

  1. All the tools you need: Full recipes (easily adjustable for how many servings you need), grocery lists (connects to phone app), and time schedule for when to do each step for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  2. 100% Customizable:  Right from the beginning you can filter out any foods or groups of foods (e.g., grains, gluten, dairy, nightshades) that you do not want in your meal plan.  You can also add foods that you want to make sure are in some of your meals.  Lets say you want to use up tomatoes from last week or found a great deal on organic zucchini at the farmer's market.  Just add that to the list of foods to include for the week to make sure you get recipes to use those ingredients.  

  3. Easily add your favorite recipes!  This is incredible.  All you have to do is copy and paste the link to any of your favorite online recipes and the system will automatically set up the recipe for you to use in your meal plans. Of course, this includes integrating the needed ingredients into your grocery shopping list.

  4. Pick how quick and easy you want the recipe to be.  Lets say your kids have soccer every Tuesday.  You know that when you get home dinner needs to already be ready.  When you set your preferences for Tuesday you can pick "Make Ahead" and the recipe and schedule will be provided accordingly.  I suggest crockpot recipes for these nights.  For those that have a busy week, they would probably chose "Quickie" recipes for breakfast and dinner.  Then increase the number of portions made for dinner so you can have it for lunch the next day.

  5. Don't like a recipes?  After adding your preferences, it is possible there may still be a recipe that you don't want.  Simply click on the small icon near the picture of the recipe and replace it.  More recipes will pop up that you can flip through to see what you want to replace it with.

  6. Seasonal: Choose northern or southern hemisphere to be able to get recipes based on what is seasonal in your area.

  7. 30 Day money back guarantee:  Can't beet that. So try it out and see for yourself!  If you pay by the month it is $14/month, if you pay quarterly it is $33 ($11/month), if you pay for the year it is $72 ($6/month).  If you start with a one month subscription and you like it, you can upgrade to the year subscription within the first 30 days at no additional charge.

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