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More tips and products to support optimal health and wellbeing

Clean Water
Best Filtration System

Most people have no idea the degree to which clean water can impact their health.  It can be daunting trying to find the best water filter system. I have been researching water filtration systems for years to try and find the best. I finally found it!  Pristine Hydro goes above and beyond and thinks of all aspects needed to get the best water.  They offer a 10 stage under the sink filtration system that I feel is the best option on the market!  Most systems filter only certain contaminates.  This one uses different stages to cover everything!  They even included a last stage of natural stones and crystals to charge and form the water as if it was coming from a pristine natural spring.  They also ofter over the counter/travel filter so you can drink the best water anywhere! 


The shower head filter is a no brainer.  They carry the best of the best, and shower head filters are not very expensive. Remember, your skin is the largest organ, it absorbs contaminants in water as well.  Also, hot water creates steam and some of these compounds can be inhaled through breathing in the steam as well.

Use coupon code: STACISPLATE100 to get $100 off the under-the-sink system or STACISPLATE50 $50 off the portable travel water filter system.

You can also use this coupon code and order over the phone.  They are very knowledgable about water filter systems, contaminants, and what different systems can and can't do.  Just call them up and they would be happy to answer any of your questions.  949-581-9191

Or click the link below to learn more.

EMF protection
System from Germany
soma vedic.jpg

There is a lot of evidence that the high amount of electronic frequencies we are bombarded with today is not good for us! The things which "block" EMFs do not work.  If they were truly "blocking" EMF then your phone and internet would not work.  

However, there are some interesting products now coming out which are emitting frequencies which these companies claim neutralize the effects of EMF on our body. Soma Vedic and BluShield are now options for people to use. Use code STACISPLATE at checkout for 10% off your order with Soma Vedic.

Check out the links below to learn more about the science of EMFs and why we should be addressing our exposure. 

Physicians for Safe Technology

Science section has recent peer reviewed articles arranged by topic and is very user friendly


Environmental Health Trust

Lots of information here including videos and updates on what is happening internationally

Review of 100 peer reviewed studies on impact of EMF on oxidative stress and disease risk.


Research on SomaVedic- multiple

Research on BluShield with chickens

Research on BluShield with cattle

Research on BluShield with live blood cell

Research on BluShield with urine

Hacks to Minimize EMFs for FREE

We can't see it. We can't feel it. We can't smell it, but it is all around us 24/7.  Electromagnetic frequency exposure has gone up tremendously since cell phones, cell towers, and WiFi. 

When we sleep our body is healing and detoxifying. However, when we are being exposed to so much EMF at night, it can interfere with sleep and the healing that is suppose to take place at this time.  

Here are some tips to minimize exposure to EMFs:

  1. Use your speaker on cell phone when possible and have it at least 6 inches (ideally more) away from you).

  2. Avoid all the bluetooth wearable items like apple watch and fitbit.  Unless you can put them on airplane mode like Oura Ring

  3. Turn cell phone on airplane mode when you sleep or keep it in another room.

  4. Turn your wifi off at night.

  5. Some people will turn off all the breakers in the house except the ones needed when you are sleeping.

  6. Don't keep cell phone in your pocket, or on a belt if possible.  At least if you are sitting at a table/desk, take it off your body.

  7. Unfortunately your neighbors will likely have their wifi on still.  This is another reason why trying the options for EMF protection (previous post) may be helpful.

Best Mat Available
Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 9.45.45 PM.png

If you go back 150 years we were spending a lot more time connected to the natural electromagnetic frequencies (EFMs) from nature. 


The soles of shoes were not made from plastic and rubber. Shoes with leather bottoms were conductors and allowed us to still connect to the energy of the earth through our shoes. Unfortunately, rubber and plastic block the energy from the earth. 

The idea that walking barefoot and touching trees can impact our health may sound a bit flaky to some, but it turns out there is quite a bit of science now backing this up.

People are calling this connection to the energy of the earth "grounding" or "earthing".  Research now shows that grounding can help with sleep, inflammation/pain, stress, recovery, blood sugar control, and many other healthy benefits. 

It is not realistic for most people to spend their days outside in nature.  Fortunately, grounding mats, which plug into a "grounded" outlet, can give us a lot of the same benefits. The research on grounding has been done with these mats.

I suggest the Ultimate Longevity mat because other mats are made with silver thread which wear down quickly. This product is built to last.

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