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Staci's Plate 

Special Offer

$150 Initial Consult with Staci's Coach

Staci is passionate about giving access to comprehensive and integrative approaches for specific conditions by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle.  An initial consult with Staci is $350. However, Staci wanted to make her nutrition support and comprehensive tools available to more people by streamlining the process.

So how does it work?

Call and speak with someone from Staci's Team to learn more and sign up! Once you are signed up a member of Staci's Team will do an assessment over the phone. Staci will look over your assessment and other intake information and decide which of her comprehensive meal planning guides is the best fit for you. Your appointment will be with one of Staci's Coaches. They will give you more ideas for meals and snacks based on the plan Staci chose and the answers to your assessment. They will also walk you through which sections of the meal planning guide would be the best fit, and show you how to utilize the meal planning tools best. 

Staci's Heart Healthy 

Staci has created many comprehensive meal planning guides to fit different individuals that want nutrition support to reverse or prevent heart disease. Everyone is different. There is not one dietary approach that is best for everyone. 

Even those with the same condition might need a different nutrition plan based on their food preferences, lifestyle, and even genetics!

At Staci's Plate we ask all these questions in the assessment to help determine which of the many plans for heart health would be the best fit for you.

Healthy Salad

Meal Planning

Staci has put together meal planning ebooks for over 20 different types of dietary needs! 

All plans come with:

4- Week Menu with Grocery lists and recipes

2 weeks of Instant Pot freezer meals

2 weeks of One Pan meals

Restaurant Card so you know what to do when you eat out

Simple meal ideas

Comprehensive snack list 

Healthy Swaps

Comprehensive list of Product recommendations

Aldi's meal plan/grocery list for those on a budget

Healthy comfort food recipes

...and much more!

Healthy Food

Staci's Virtual Group
3 Month Program

Anyone who takes advantage of this special can work directly with Staci as part of her 3 month virtual group program and get over 50% off. Retail price is $750 for 3 months and includes:7 sessions led by Staci on Addressing the Roots followed up by Q&A for all of your nutrition and wellness related questions.  You will also be assigned one of Staci's Coaches to support you along the way. You will have access to a feed that allows you to ask Staci and her team any questions you  might have between sessions. The group setting also allows for having the benefits of a support system. Be sure to get the coupon code at your initial consult then click link below to sign up.

Healthy Breakfast
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