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AIP low Histamine

AIP low-fodmap


Paleo low Histamine

Paleo low-fodmap

Paleo no egg


Mediterranean GF/DF

Whole Foods based (nothing eliminated)

Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Low-fodmap GF/DF

Paleo no nightshade


GF/DF low carb

GF/DF corn-free soy-free

Pescatarian GF/DF

Pescatarian GF/DF low-carb

Keto (no red meat no pork)


The most comprehensive nutrition plans you can get! 

+ 60 min. One-on-One Consult with a Staci's Plate Coach

(See what is included below)

Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to ease your transition into a nutritious lifestyle. For those with histamine intolerance, elimination diets can be used as a tool to see if you feel a difference in your symptoms and/or see a difference in your lab markers for your health condition. Elimination diets are NOT permanent. They are just used as an experiment. Each plan also comes with tips for how to reintroduce foods so you can expand your diet and figure out which foods you feel best on! 

Because it is an experiment, you will get a second plan, with all the same tools listed below, which you can try and transition into.

We work with you or your referring doctor to choose which diet is the best fit.

All plans come with:

4- Week Menu with Grocery lists and recipes

2 weeks of instant pot freezer meals

2 weeks of One Pan meals

Restaurant Card so you know what to do when you eat out

Simple meal ideas

Comprehensive snack list 

Comprehensive list of Product recommendations

Aldi's meal plan/grocery list for those on a budget

Healthy comfort food recipes

...and much more!

These plans have been created for a large number of special diets such as: 

For many of these elimination diets people are charging between $10 and $50 a week. A consult with a nutritionist or health coach for one hour can be $150 - $450 and not come with anywhere near as much tools and meal plans as what we are providing here!

How are we able to deliver the most comprehensive support at the best price?
In short, we have streamlined the process! Once you have filled out the questionnaires the coach will go over it with Staci. Staci will choose which diet plans will be the best fit for you based on your answers. Your coach will give you additional meal/snack/beverage ideas based on your lifestyle and in accordance with the diet plans Staci has approved for you. Your coach will direct you to which parts of Staci's Plate ebook meal plan guides will be most relevant for you to check out, based on your preferences and lifestyle.

BOGO Meal Plan Guides (minimum $180 value) FREE with One-on-one session with Staci's Coach!

Anyone who takes advantage of this special can work directly with Staci as part of her 3 month virtual group program and get over 50% off. Retail price is $750 for 3 months and includes:
7 sessions led by Staci on Addressing the Roots followed up by Q&A for all of your nutrition and wellness related questions.  You will also be assigned one of Staci's Coaches to support you along the way. You will have access to a feed that allows you to ask Staci and her team any questions you  might have between sessions. The group setting also allows for having the benefits of a support system. Be sure to get the coupon code at your initial consult then click link below to sign up.



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