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Watch this video to learn more about Staci's approach and the program

Virtual Group Program for Autoimmune, Histamine, and other Inflammatory Conditions
Starting February 28th

This program will help give you the support you need to ease your transition into a healthy lifestyle and help you determine which road to take in determining your individual dietary needs. It includes 7 zoom group sessions, with a group session every two weeks. After the first session you will have a one-on-one call with a team member of Staci's Plate to answer questions and help you pick out your nutrition plan. There will also be a group chat for additional support. You will be supported by the Staci's Plate team and by each other! 


It is designed to give comprehensive support and tools for nutrition and other lifestyle approaches proven to make a difference in our overall immune system for those with autoimmune conditions. Integrative and functional medicine is usually not covered by insurance and very expensive due to the amount of time healthcare providers spend with their patients and building their plans. 


With years of experience and a desire to reach more people, I have come up with a program that will give even more support at a much lower price. There is a growing body of research using elimination diets (diets which temporarily eliminate certain foods) to help improve symptoms and various health conditions. We will work together to figure out which elimination diet is the best fit for you. Then you will be given all the tools you need, including meal plans (where you have access to easily edit which recipes and number of servings you want, and get a matching grocery list along with your recipes and meal plans), tips for eating out, ingredient substitutions, a simplified meal plan and grocery list for those on a budget, recipes for common comfort foods, tips and tools for easy quick meal options, and much more! We will also discuss and provide tools for how to test out and reintroduce foods when the elimination phase is over. In addition, you will also be provided tools and support for other lifestyle modifications which impact your autoimmune condition (i.e., sleep, stress, physical activity, grounding, and much more).  

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